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Beyond Everything Internet

Thanks to the continued support of all our shareholders and investors, Adways has been an industry leader in affiliate advertisement for PC and mobile since our founding in 2001. What’s more, as the next phase of our growth, we are now devoting all our energies to expanding our business in the smartphone field, which continues to increase worldwide and where we believe there are major opportunities not just in Japan but overseas.

In 2003, Adways entered the Chinese market, and through a process of trial and error, we have grown to become one of the largest-scale affiliate marketing companies in China with the support of various other companies. Today, we are drawing on this experience and the challenges we overcame to actively develop our business globally through expansion of our services into Asia and North America.

With the emergence of smartphones, the evolution of technology and so on, the Internet business continues to achieve new growth and its future potential remains incalculable. Adways will keep pushing ahead with proactively delivering new services, not just in Japan but also in overseas markets, with the aim of achieving our business objective of being a “Beyond Everything Internet”.

Founder and CEOHaruhisa Okamura