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Beyond Everything Internet

Thank you to our shareholders and investors for the continuous support.

Adways has been an industry leader in affiliate advertisement for PC and mobile since our founding in 2001. Apart from that, we have been focusing on smartphone app advertising and expanding our business not only in Japan but also overseas.
For the next leap forward, we are currently engaging in the business of maximizing "unique values that can only be created by humans" by separating the roles and tasks between humans and machines based on the idea of "Co-existence of Humans & Machines”. By introducing automization to certain areas of ad distribution business, humans can concentrate on "thinking" such as campaign and creative planning. As a result, we succeeded in delivering “advertisements with intrinsic value” and thus worthwhile information to users. We have received supports from many people as appreciation to our efforts in understanding and improving intrinsic value in advertisements.

We believe that the meaning of our existence is to continue to provide new values to stakeholders and all people in the world through our corporation. We will continue to develop and enhance our business, expand our business domains, as well as delivering services and products that match with our slogan "OMG, this is Amazing". Please look forward to our performance and continue to support us in the future.

CEO Sho YamadaHaruhisa Okamura