About Us

When was Adways established?
February 28, 2001.
When was Adways listed on TSE Mothers?
June 20, 2006.
When was Adways upgraded to the TSE First Section from TSE Mothers?
December 7, 2020.
When is the financial year-end?
Full-year: March 31, Half-year : September 30.
Who are the Adways executives?
Click here to view the executives:About us
What is Adways’ business portofolio?
Click here to view the company’s main business:Our services

Financial Information

Where can I find the latest accounting information?
Click here to view the most recent accounting information:Adways IR information website
Where can I find the past financial results?
Please view our Financial Highlights and Financial Indicators where our past result is provided.
Who is Adways' auditing firm?
The company’s financial auditing is performed by KPMG AZSA LLC.

Stock Information

Who should I contact with regard to share-related matters such as transfers, address changes, etc.?
Tasks such as transferring shares in the company are entrusted to Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.
Please view Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank’s “Share-Related Procedures” for office procedures.
What is Adways’ securities code?
Do you have a shareholder special benefit plan?