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Company will pay great attention concerning the provision of information on this website, but shall bear no liability whatsoever in the event of errors in the information, or of damage, etc. incurred due to data falsification by a third party, downloading, etc. With regard to information on this website, please note and acknowledge that there are cases where the Company does not publish all disclosed information in accordance with Securities and Exchange law and regulations or Tokyo Stock Exchange regulations, cases where information and expressions are used that differ from said disclosed information, and cases where the website content may be modified or deleted without prior notice.

Performance Forecasts

Among the Company’s current plans, strategies, etc. provided on this website, those information is not historic fact represents future performance outlook, etc., and may include risks and uncertain factors.
As a result, with regard to actual performance, results may change significantly from these forecasts due to various factors such as future trends in the Japanese economy and the industry, or new services and fee levels.
Accordingly, please note the company does not guarantee the certainty of these forecasts.

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