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Personal Information we may collect and How we use

Adways Inc. (i.e., "the Company") may collect your personal information in order to properly deliver the Company's IR email and/or response your IR-related inquiries, as stipulated below.

1. Scope of Use
We will collect and use your personal information in according with this statement and our Privacy Policy ( in an appropriate manner as well as taking any protective measures required. The purpose is set forth in the paragraph above.

2. Purposes of Obtaining and Using Personal Information
(1) The company shall collect personal information including but not limited to the user's name, date of birth, telephone number, and email address when a user makes an IR inquiry to the company, when a user registers for the company's IR email delivery service, when verifying the identify of a user, etc. If required information is not submitted, it may not be possible to use these services properly or to provide accurate responses.

(2) The company will use the collected personal information for the following purposes, or for activities only:

  • Facilitating users' smooth use of these services
  • Improving users' convenience
  • Security
  • Creating statistical data relating to use of these services
  • Examining and analyzing plans for these services
  • Response inquiries from you
  • Share verification and measuring share effect
  • Verifying a user's identity when there is an inquiry from the user, etc.
  • Preventing improper activity that interferes with normal service provision
  • Using a short message service operated by a third party in order to prevent from any improper activity
  • Contacting you for other reasons as needed, e.g., to provide important updates relating to these services

3. Who we share it with
In order to analyze these services, facilitate your smooth use, etc., the collected personal information may be shared with our business partner businesses.
in this case, the company will execute a confidential agreement with such business partner and establish a system to keep and use the personal information appropriately.

4. Cookies, IP Address Information, and Device Information
It cannot be identified you with cookie, IP address (including but not limited to device identifying information) only. Such information, however, can be personal information if they are combined with the same person's personal information. Provision of your personal information is at your discretion, however, please note and acknowledge that it may not be available on our inquiry form and its website if you do not provide such information including but not limited to cookie, IP address, device identifying information.

5. Personal Information of Minors
If minors use these services and provide personal information, they should do so with its parent's consent.
It shall be deemed that it has already obtained its parent's consent, when a minor provides its personal information.

6. Changes/Revisions to this statement
This statement may be changed or revised from time to time. In such cases, the changes or revisions shall be published on this page.

7. Contact
When you submit personal information to us through the inquiry form on this Website, you may opt in or be opted in to receiving additional information from the Company, Adways related entities, and/or selected third parties at the time of submitting your personal information to us. If so, you may be added to our list of users who will receive promotional and marketing communications from us, our partners, and/or other third parties. If you initially opt in to receiving such communications and you later decide that you no longer want to receive them, you may opt out of receiving promotional and marketing communications from us by emailing us at .

The Company has designated the IR Manager as the contact for inquires matter. Accordingly, If you intend to opt in or out your personal information or provide your valuable feedback or comments to us, you may send an email to our IR Manager at